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Hi Guys, I am Oliver and probably, not long ago, I was in the same situation like you right now: finding a diamond for my girlfriend.
I know, there are tons of informations and everybody wants to tell you what you need to consider. I decided to learn more about diamonds and go much deeper into the details to be sure that I will buy the best quality for my personal budget.

Diamonds became my passion and that's why I want to offer you a website with all the informations I have to guide you through this stressful shopping tour. It doesn't matter if you are searching for an engagement ring, a present for your wife or a jewel for your mum: I will help you getting the best for your budget!

Enjoy my website and if you have any questions just text me!
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Learn everything about diamonds...

Diamond Cut

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What is Diamond Cut?

  • Cut types
  • GIA Grades
  • Importance
  • Price effects

Diamond Clarity

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What is Diamond Clarity?

  • Clarity Scale
  • Diamond Inclusions
  • SI1 vs. VS2

Diamond Color

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What is Diamond Color?

  • GIA Color Scale
  • AGS Color Scale
  • Price effects

Carat Weight

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What is Carat Weight?

  • Roots
  • mm to Carat Conversion
  • Gram to Carat Conversion


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Which Diamond Shapes?

  • Shape vs. Cut
  • All shapes
  • Differences

Thankful for your messages...

- Steve M. / Massachusetts -
"I am not the research guy focusing many hours on one topic.
Olivers website gave me everything I needed to make my (now) wife happy.
Thank you Oliver!!"

- Paul S. / California -
"Oliver, you are amazing!
Thanks for all your support, this guy is crazy on diamonds!"

- Pedro R. / Spain -
"Oliver, muchas gracias por todas las informaciones!
Para mí fue muy fácil comparar los diamantes y comprar una piedra muy muy preciosa con tu página de web!
Mi esposa está la mujer mas feliz en nuestro pueblo. Muchas gracias!"

- Antoine M. / Switzerland -
"Heureusement, je suis tombé sur votre site web.
Je ne savais rien des diamants et je n'ai pas passé en revue toutes ces informations.
Toute ma famille vous remercie pour votre dévouement à aider des gens comme moi.
Vous êtes génial!"