Hi guys,

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Hi guys, I'm Oliver, 33 years old and I live in New York. I grew up in Europe until I moved to my city of dreams, New York, 6 years ago.

I guess you wonder why I started this website about diamonds?

5 years ago I was faced with exactly the same problem as most of you surely do: I had to find an engagement ring for my girlfriend! I was sure I was going to propose to her, but I knew nothing about diamonds. So I visited the first shops and got some advice. Half of the sellers just wanted to sell me something without taking time for me. The other half gave me so much information that I thought: What the hell? How will I ever find the right ring?

So I began to study diamonds and learn everything about them. I enjoyed it and it turned out to be an incredibly exciting field. I´m that type of person who dives really deep into topics if I am interested in it.

After 6 months and many sleepless nights due to the research, I visited some shops again to have a closer look at diamonds with my new knowledge. At the same time, I discovered online shops like Blue Nile or Whiteflash, which offered prices that were quite different from those of the retailers. The world of diamonds remained huge for me and I was afraid to make the wrong choice. But one thing was clear: I wanted to propose to my girlfriend and I didn´t want to spend another year researching and brooding.

So I set myself a budget, a clear goal, how many carats and which quality my diamond should have and I compared diamonds on different platforms and in retail. I found James Allen and was thrilled with the way of shopping diamonds there, not to mention that the prices also were lower than "offline" in the stores. It's actually logical, since somebody has to pay the shop rent and the staff, of course.

I finally found my personal diamond, which matched my expectations. In addition, I chose a nice ring (my girlfriend loves it rather minimalistic) and at the end I was really happy and sure that I got the right one for her.

So I come back to the initial question: why does this homepage exist?

I want to help you all to make this decision easier. It is quite clear that almost nobody starts this adventure with a lot of knowledge. How could they? Until the first thought of marriage, hardly anyone is concerned with engagement rings. No, we are busy finding the right woman first and that can be difficult enough. When the time comes, it takes you by surprise. And this is where I step in. I would be happy if I can help as many people as possible to make the decision about buying diamonds easier for you and share as much knowledge as possible. Because one thing is a fact: Even after the wedding I did not stop dealing with diamonds. Fingers crossed that I will not have to apply my knowledge again even for a new engagement ring, but it remains a very exciting topic that will not let me go.

I really hope that my homepage will help you and that it will simplify and shorten the selection process. You are always welcome to leave me feedback so that I can improve and expand the site. In the end we all have the same goal: finding the best ring for the best woman!

And to resolve my personal story, here is the moment after the "yes":

All about Diamonds - Ring
Empire State Building

And for the proposal I was of course inspired by many blockbusters. Where in New York is the best place to propose?

Right, the Empire State Building!