The 5-Step Guide to buy a diamond:

  1. Set a budget maximum
  2. Decide on the shape
  3. Get to know the characteristics of the 4 C's
  4. Compare your selection in different shops
  5. Find and love the diamond

Do you recognize yourself? No matter what you want to buy, in the beginning you always have a specific budget in mind but after days of searching and countless turns you end up with a price that is 30% higher than the expected budget. The reason is simply that you get lost in the search and find more and more features that you "absolutely need". You can do that, but I promise you that such price overruns on diamonds really can hurt. That's why I'm presenting my 5-Step-Guide to help you:

1. Set a budget maximum

Setting a maximum of possible budget is very important in order not to strain your own wallet unnecessarily!
Are you looking for a diamond for an engagement ring? Then you already have received the following advice from your friends: An engagement ring should always cost three times of your monthly income. What the hell? Please forget that! Properly researched and professionally searched, I can buy a diamond of the best quality for certainly less than 3 monthly salaries. Depends on how much you earn per month, right?

Of course, but you understand what I mean. Don't let anybody sell you a diamond for a price not worth it. Set yourself a budget and start thinking about getting the best possible diamond for that price. And always remember: start a little lower, otherwise you will quickly exceed the budget.

2. Decide on the shape

Diamonds come in many exquisite shapes like oval, round, and other geometric shapes. I will give you an overview but if you want to go deeper into it just read my section about diamond shapes.

James Allen - Round Diamond
James Allen - Princess Diamond
James Allen - Oval Diamond
James Allen - Emerald Diamond
James Allen - Cushion Diamond
James Allen - Asscher Diamond
James Allen - Heart Diamond
James Allen - Marquise Diamond
James Allen - Radiant Diamond
James Allen - Pear Diamond

3. Get to know the characteristics of the 4 C's

Now it's getting technical. You'll come across the 4 C's everywhere you research about diamonds:

These 4 characteristics describe the diamond and you should know from the outset how your diamond should look like and what characteristics it should have. Otherwise you will front an endless search.

I think the whole session about the 4 Cs would be too much for this quick guide so better go to the section Diamond 4C´s.
Nevertheless, in short:




Carat Weight

The diamond cut represents how well a diamond reflects and refracts light.

Mostly you see diamonds as white, which is the pure diamond’s color. Any other color or tint you see in a diamond is due to impurities in it.

Diamond clarity is the measure of how pure and transparent a diamond is.

Carat Weight really is about the weight and not the size as you might think.

4. Compare your selection in different shops

After you have completed steps 1-3, you can start to pick a diamond from an online shop like James Allen or Blue Nile. This is to let you know which quality you will get for your price. However, to give you a good feeling when buying a diamond, you should compare different shops, online as well as retailers. Get a picture of the market, look at the diamonds closely, look for diamonds at retailers to touch them, because it gives you a different feeling for the size and appearance of the diamond. If you want to stay online, you should check out James Allen and you will also get a very good impression with the 360° technology.

Please keep one important thing in mind: if you go to retailers, don't get convinced to buy the next bigger diamond because “you need that” or “because it looks better”. Stay within your budget! Stick to the features you decided on in steps 1-3! This is where the budget trap waits and suddenly you're over the top.
In the end you will have a good overview of price differences between individual shops – retailers and online – and you will start to have a preference where you want to buy your personal diamond.

5. Make up your mind and love the diamond

It comes the day when you are facing the decision. Be brave and make it! I know that the decision to buy a diamond is not always an easy one, but there is nothing better than holding it in your hand at the end and possibly giving it away as a gift.
In the end, you have to weigh up all the points again. Check if the price is in line with your budget. Look at it and ask yourself if it has exactly the qualities you had in mind. Just in case that everything feels good, go for it and buy it!

After that there is only one thing left to do: be happy with your decision and love the diamond! If you give it away, you can be sure that she will love it too!

Is it safe to buy diamonds online?

A question I am often asked. In short:
Yes, let me show you the way to buy a diamond and why it's safe.

First of all, you should only search for diamonds at online shops that are certified by the GIA or AGS. These two institutions are the global players in certifying the quality of diamonds. If you want to read more about them, just check my article about GIA/AGS.
Once you've secured that, I'll have no more bad feelings.
I can recommend James Allen and Blue Nile because these two shops are among the largest online shops for diamonds worldwide and are absolute market leaders. They are of course certified and have a huge selection of diamonds.

How does such a purchase work online?

All the big online shops always send the diamonds inconspicuously and without a hint that there is a diamond in the package. In addition, the packages are insured while transfer, so that nothing can happen to you if they are lost. Hereby the price of the diamond doesn´t matter. Also you can check the tracking information of your personal diamond package. All together, it´s just like normal online shopping.

So what to wait for? Take the chance to buy online at a lower price and just try it out!

4 Reasons to buy a diamond online

  1. Huge selection of diamonds
  2. More favorable prices
  3. No pressure from sellers
  4. No opening hours

1. Huge selection of diamonds

Online shops have such a large selection of diamonds that I am sure that everyone can find the right one. James Allen for example offers more than 300,000 diamonds. You will not find this huge selection in any retail store.

2. Lower prices

In addition, online businesses can offer lower prices because online shops do not have to pay rent or hire sales staff. These are enormous costs that are eliminated.
Also, they can buy diamonds themselves for lower prices through their market power.

3. No pressure from sellers

I don't know if you also have this issue, but I always get pressured by the looks of the salesmen. I get the feeling that I have to make a decision, but that's not easy when buying a diamond. And you shouldn't rush into it. That's why online shops suit me much better. I can look at it and compare diamonds for days until I decide.

4. No opening hours

... and therefore no overcrowded shops! Nothing is worse than spending your day in a shopping mall on a Saturday or looking for jewellery in a shop with dozens of other people. Online you can shop day and night and nobody will disturb you.