Online Diamond Shop Review - Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the largest online retailers for diamonds and was founded in 1999. As often, the founder Mark Vadon came to the idea to build an online shop for diamonds while searching for an engagement ring. Maybe that´s the reason why Blue Nile´s focus lies on engagement rings but at first let´s have a look at some key facts:



Overall Score

Homepage handling


Customer Service


Shopping Security

GIA / AGS Certificates

Yes / Yes

Shipping Costs

Free shipping worldwide / insured

Payment Methods

VISA / Mastercard / American Express


Lowest price in the market
Specialized on engagement rings

My personal opinion

Absolutely recommendable



Lowest price in the market for diamonds

Limited selection of non-engagement/wedding jewelry

High quality pictures of the diamonds

Best shop for international orders

Outstanding customer service 24/7

Is Blue Nile one of the 2 best Online Diamond Shops?

Blue Nile offers more than 150.000 diamonds in their online shop. That´s less than James Allen but still a huge number! They are known for engagement rings in all variations you need. You even can customize your own unique engagement ring to be sure that your girlfriend will love the ring (besides the fact of the four accompanying words “will you marry me”).

Blue Nile had to renew their selling process because of missing pictures of their diamonds. It was difficult for the customer to buy a diamond online without the feeling how it would look like. To improve this process, they built up their own 360° picture technology. In my opinion, it´s much better and easier now to get a feeling of the diamond now but the pictures still do not reach the stunning quality of James Allen.

Advantages of buying a Diamond online at Blue Nile

Now the most important point for your budget: Blue Nile offers the lowest prices for diamonds with the same quality in this market. They even give you their “diamond price-match guarantee” that says: find a cheaper similar diamond of the same quality and same 4C´s and we will offer you the lower price. Guys, that´s fair!

What can I get in this Online Diamond Store?

Blue Nile offers these shapes:

Blue Nile - Round Diamond
Blue Nile - Princess Diamond
Blue Nile - Emerald Diamond
Blue Nile - Asscher Diamond
Blue Nile - Cushion Diamond
Blue Nile - Heart Diamond
Blue Nile - Marquise Diamond
Blue Nile - Pear Diamond
Blue Nile - Oval Diamond
Blue Nile - Radiant Diamond

How to select the Diamonds online?

The handling and setting options are intuitive:

Just the overview of a diamond list without a preview is a bit less customer friendly:

The purchase process is really easy and fast (if you already had some sleepless nights and decided which kind of diamond you want).

Blue Nile is my second favorite way to buy diamonds online, so yes: in my opinion it's one of the 2 best online Diamond shops!
And one of the most important things: Blue Nile is certified by GIA and AGS so that you can trust in paying so much money for a diamond and get a decent value for it.