Online Diamond Shop Review - James Allen

James Allen was founded in 2006 and has become one of the largest retail companies for diamonds and jewelry these days. I know, at first that sounds pretty young in comparison to other companies. But let´s have a look at some facts to give you an overview and to start my shop review:



Overall Score

Homepage handling


Customer Service


Shopping Security

GIA / AGS Certificates

Yes / Yes

Shipping Costs

Free shipping worldwide / insured

Payment Methods

All major credit cards


More than 300.000 diamonds
360° diamond display technology

My personal opinion

Absolutely recommendable



360° display technology

Limited selection of non-engagement/wedding jewelry

Competitively priced with a huge selection of diamonds

Large choice of setting options

Outstanding customer service 24/7

Advantages of buying a Diamond online at James Allen

With more than 300.000 diamonds available James Allen is the largest online retailer for diamonds in the world! Let me tell you from my personal experience: I was so thankful when I discovered James Allen because I couldn´t imagine how to buy a diamond online only given some pictures. When I used the 360° display technology the first time it just stunned me. You can see every side of the diamond, you can zoom into the characteristics – believe me, I felt like I can touch the diamond! That feature gave me the certainty to buy a beautiful diamond for my girlfriend and that was the beginning of my real interest in diamonds and of course a big step into my marriage!

What can I get in this Online Diamond Store?

James Allen offers these shapes:

James Allen - Round Diamond
James Allen - Princess Diamond
James Allen - Oval Diamond
James Allen - Emerald Diamond
James Allen - Cushion Diamond
James Allen - Asscher Diamond
James Allen - Heart Diamond
James Allen - Marquise Diamond
James Allen - Radiant Diamond
James Allen - Pear Diamond

How to select the Diamonds online?

The handling and setting options are really intuitive:

The purchase process is really easy and fast (if you already had some sleepless nights and decided which kind of diamond you want).

In my opinion James Allen is the best way to buy diamonds online.
And one of the most important things: James Allen is certified by GIA and AGS so that you can trust in paying so much money for a diamond and get a decent value for it.